Pro Shop Closing July 25th - Everything Must Go!


Strikehouse carries a wide variety of accessories for all skill levels. One of our most popular items is slide powder, which can be used if your hand sticks or your shoes are not sliding. Bowler's tape is also very popular for intermediate and advanced players who want to keep their thumb hole fitting snugly. You should always have ball cleaner to extend the life and reaction of your bowling ball. Wrist braces will help you keep you wrist straight and give you a more consistent release.

Tape at Strikehouse Pro Shop
  • Bowler's tape
  • Turbo fitting tape (to aid in a smooth release)
  • Bowling ball cleaners
  • Buff-a-bowling ball
  • Puff bowling ball grip bags
  • Rosin bags
  • Wristmaster wrist braces
  • Bowling glove (for a better grip)
  • Mongoose Wrist Brace
  • Pro-Grip bowling glove
  • Shoe sliders (for a better slide)
  • Skin patch (the help with blisters)
  • Shoe covers(to keep your shoe clean and dry)