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Ball Maintenance & Repair

Abralon Pads

Abralon pads atStrikehouse Pro Shop

Abralon pads are abrasive pads used to change the surface of your bowling ball and are an essential part of good ball maintenance. A ball with a rougher surface will tend too hook sooner and with more of an arcing motion. A bowling ball with a smoother surface will tend to hook later. Abralon pads are also used to keep your bowling ball in the best condition possible.

Abralon pads come in grits of 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000. The higher the grit the smoother it will make the surface the bowling ball.

You should clean your bowling ball regularly and have it sanded with an Abralon pad a minimum of twice a season so your ball retains that "out of the box" reaction. Strikehouse sells cleaners to help you properly maintain and the extend the life of your ball.

Oil Removal with the Strikehouse Revivor Ball Cleaning System

Revivor at  Strikehouse Pro Shop

With each outing, all reactive bowling balls absorb lane oil, which will eventually have an adverse effect on the performance of the ball. The Revivor uses heat to safely remove the oil from the bowling ball, improve its reaction and give it new life. All manufacturers recommend having the oil removed every 100 games or so as part of a long-term ball maintenance plan. If your bowling ball has stopped hooking, it's time to bring your bowling ball into Strikehouse for some time in the Revivor.

Ball Resurfacing

Sometimes, Abralon pads and the Revivor are not enough. If your bowling ball seems dead and needs new life you can have it resurfaced. This is a deep sanding process that takes your ball back to "factory new" condition. Polish will make the bowling ball appear brand new. This process usually takes one or two days.

Resurfacing may also be an option for a very old bowling ball or a slightly damaged bowling ball. But keep in mind, a new bowling ball is probably more economical in the long run.