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Bowling Balls

No matter what your age or experience level, Strikehouse Pro Shop can recommend a bowling ball to improve your game.

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Types of Bowling Balls


These bowling balls are great for beginners and are the least expensive. They can also be used by better bowlers to shoot spares because of their ability to go straight.

Visa-bowling ball

These are plastic bowling balls with designs or logos on them and they're a lot of fun. You can get a Visa-ball with your favorite football team or cartoon character. Want your bowling ball to look like a baseball or billiard ball? No problem. With a Visa-ball, you will be the life of the bowling party!

Glow bowling balls

As the name implies, these bowling balls glow in the dark. Pretty cool, huh? If you're a "cosmic" bowler, you will love having a bowling ball that glows!

Solid Reactive

Solid reactive balls give you the most overall hook on oily lanes. They tend to start rolling sooner than a shiny ball and produce a hook with more of an arcing shape (like a banana). These balls are good for the bowler that needs some help hooking the ball, especially when the lanes are oily.

Pearl Reactive

These bowling balls tend to travel farther down the lane before hooking and have a stronger reaction on the back part of the lane (like a hockey stick). They are good for when the lanes have less oil.


These are combo balls. Hybrids are part solid reactive and part pearl. They tend to go longer down the lane than a solid reactive, but hook sooner than a pearl. Hybrids make good benchmark balls. They also make good transition balls when the lanes start to change.


These can best be described as "old school" bowling balls. They were popular in the 80's before reactive bowling balls were invented. Today, they work best when the lanes are drier. Advanced players also use urethane balls to tame tough lane conditions.