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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a bowling ball fitted and drilled?

We try to do all fitting and drilling on a same day basis. The average time to fit and drill a bowling ball is about 45 minutes.

Why should I purchase a bowling ball? Can’t I just use one of the house bowling balls?

Whether you're a novice or an expert, a properly fitted bowling ball is essential if you want to bowl your best. A bowling ball that fits properly will actually feel lighter and be easier to throw. And it reduces the chance of hand pain or injury. A properly fitted bowling ball not only feels better, it will help you to be more accurate and help you to hook the bowling ball if that is your goal.

Why are some bowling ball more expensive than others?

Bowling balls range in price from $70 to $250, depending on their purpose and quality. High performance balls are more expensive because they have high tech cores and covers and designed to have more hook potential for intermediate and advanced bowlers.

What If I don’t see the bowling ball I want in your shop?

Almost any bowling ball you can find online can be ordered. New bowling balls are delivered on Friday, so placing and order early in the week will speed up the process.

I have an old bowling ball that fits me really well. Can I use the same grip in my new bowling ball?

Yes, we can match the grip in your old bowling ball to fit your new bowling ball. If you have a bowling ball that is not comfortable, you should bring that in too, so the same mistakes are not made on your new bowling ball.

I purchased a bowling ball on the internet. Can you drill it for me?

Yes, we drill balls that have been purchased online or elsewhere. The fee for drilling a ball purchased elsewhere will be more than if it's purchased at Strikehouse Pro Shop.

Why are the bowling balls on the internet so much cheaper?

Internet sites can buy thousands of bowling balls at special prices and sell them at a large discount. The price of an internet bowling ball can be enticing, but once you pay for shipping and a higher fee for drilling, the price of buying online is often more than if you had purchased the bowling ball at a pro shop. In addition, you may not get the bowling ball you want. Some bowling balls have excessive top weight or bad pin positions, severely limiting the range of drilling possibilities. Customer service at some sites is poor. All bowling balls sold at Strkehouse Pro Shop are guaranteed to be first quality. You will get the bowling ball you want, not the one they want you to have. And you will get professional fitting and drilling services included in the price of the ball.

A friend gave me an old bowling ball. Can you re-drill the bowling ball to fit me?

Yes, we can fit and redrill a bowling ball depending on the condition of the bowling ball. The process takes one to three days.

Why should I purchase my own bowling shoes? Can’t I just use house shoes?

If you want to improve your scores, having your own shoes is a must. House shoes are not only expensive and ill-fitting, they do not provide the proper traction for your non-sliding foot. With shoe rental running $4 a pair, your new shoes from Strikehouse will quickly pay for themselves.

I see some bowlers come to the bowling center with four bowling balls. Why do they need more than one?

Better bowlers often carry more than one bowling ball so they can be prepared for different lane conditions. For example, a bowler might carry three strike bowling balls - a strong ball that hooks a lot, a medium strength ball that hooks an average amount, and a weak ball doesn't hook much at all. While you can bowl with one bowling ball on most lane conditions, it is sometimes easier to change bowling balls to help you score your best. Intermediate and advanced bowlers usually carry a plastic bowling ball to shoot spares because it goes straight.

I have a bowling ball that is supposed to hook a lot, but it doesn’t seem to hook for me. What could be wrong?

If your bowling ball is not hooking it might need to be cleaned, sanded with an Abralon pad or have the oil removed with the Revivor. It might also need to be fully resurfaced. One (or a combination) of these techniques will probably bring your bowling ball back to life.

I am having trouble making the 10 pin because my bowling ball hooks too much. What Should I do?

If you are having trouble with spares, especially the 10 pin (7 pin for lefties), purchasing a plastic bowling ball will help you to be more accurate on spares. Most pros use a plastic ball to shoot their spares because it is much easier to throw straight.

What is a pin on a bowling ball, and why is it important?

The locator pin on a bowling ball marks the top of the weight block. This is very important when drilling any reactive bowling ball. The placement of the pin along with the center of gravity (CG) and the mass bias, are major factors in determining ball motion. If you place the pin in an incorrect location it will adversely affect the performance of the ball. That is why it is vital that you purchase your bowling balls from a pro shop.

What is a PAP and why is it important?

PAP is short for positive axis point. This is the axis that your ball rotates around when you release the ball. It is on the opposite side of the oil tracks are on your ball. The PAP is different for every bowler and the measurement depends on how much forward roll compared to how much spin you get when you roll your ball. It is important to consider the PAP when using higher tech layouts to maximize ball reaction.

What is meant by rev rate?

Rev Rate is a measure of how many revolutions you get on the bowling ball when you roll it down the lane. The more revs you get on a ball the more it will hook. For lower rev players it is important to get a strong bowling ball to throw a more powerful hook.

How do I know what bowling ball weight is right for me?

The best way to find the right weight is to talk to your pro shop professional. Most women and children select a ball that is to light, and this is not going to help them improve. Men tend to select a weight that is too heavy. To help you choose a proper weight, select a ball that may be a little heavy for you. After throwing it for 5 frames or so you will know if it is to heavy, if so go down a pound. By doing this is will be easier to get the right weight.

Should I clean my bowling ball every time I bowl?

YES! It is very important to clean your ball after bowling each time. This should be done with ball cleaner and a Microfiber towel. These products are available at Strikehouse Pro Shop and will maximize the life of your bowling ball. Bowling balls are like your skin, if the pores get full of oil it will perform poorly.