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Fitting & Drilling Services

Bowling balls atStrikehouse Pro Shop

Whether you are a novice or an expert, a properly fitted bowling ball is essential if you want to bowl your best. A ball that fits properly will actually feel lighter and be easier to throw. And it reduces the chance of hand pain or injury. A properly fitted ball not only feels better, it will help you to be more accurate and help you to hook the ball if that is your goal.

I custom fit your ball to ensure that your new bowling ball is not only comfortable, but gives you the best chance to be successful at your skill level. Your thumb, finger and span sizes are measured carefully using precision fitting tools. Flexibility and prior injuries are taken into account, along with the customer's goals. The fitting process takes only a few minutes. Once you have a custom fitted ball from Strikehouse, you will never want to use a house ball again.

Plug and Redrill

If your hand has changed and need a new grip, or if you are ready to step up from a conventional to fingertip grip, Strikehouse can plug and redrill your bowling ball. It's common for youth bowlers to require a plug and redrill to accommodate growth. After refitting your hand, we fill the holes with resin and redrill the ball. We can also match the grip of an existing ball if you already have a ball that fits well. This process takes one to three days, depending on how many holes need to be filled and redrilled.