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Grips & Inserts

Turbo Finger Grips

Finger Grips

Finger grips or inserts are softer than the bowling ball itself. They allow you to get more lift which creates more power and more hook. Finger grips are used by most intermediate, advanced and pro players. They also allow you to get the same feel when changing from bowling ball to bowling ball. Strikehouse sells Vise and Turbo brand finger grips.

Thumb Inserts

Thumb insert are made of a urethane material similar to the material of a bowling ball. They are used for comfort, and are smoother than the inside of the ball itself. Thumb inserts also allow you to get the same feel when changing from ball to ball. I sell Vise Easy Urethane thumb inserts.

I can also create a custom thumb mold for your bowling ball. Popular among advanced bowlers, this guarantees that the thumb hole will feel exactly the same on every ball.

Switch Grips

Ask about Switch Grip interchangeable thumb inserts. Switch Grips allow bowlers to have the same fit and feel in every bowling ball they own.